Just about to sculpt something EVIL onto this! Thanks to Imogen for modelling for my face cast! You will soon be a MONSTER!

Just about to sculpt something EVIL onto this!
Thanks to Imogen for modelling for my face cast! You will soon be a MONSTER!

Make Up and Modelling for Actress Head Shots
Photography by: Chris Trischler

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Clowning Around :ooooooo

Sweetdreams Coulrophobes

Me and my good friend, Natalie Pluck as well as the best photographer I know did this shoot for a Swarovski Hyacinth Necklace. Upon completion of the project, we have been liaising with Swarovski who love our work. Thank you Swarovski for you kind words and beautiful crystals. 

Photography: Natalie Pluck
Make Up: Sherilyn Oliphant
Model: Sherilyn Oliphant
Jewellery: SWAROVSKI

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By Imogen Callista Oliphant

A zombie: A person who is or appears to be lifeless, apathetic, or totally lacking in independent judgement: automaton.

I have also taken inspiration from the song “The Drugs Don’t Work’ by The Verve. I think that this song carries a very strong message through its lyrics and use of emotive music. I would like my photographs to be presented to you whilst listening to this song.

I wish to portray a sense of understanding towards people with mental issues however small or large an issue they are.

With regards to the photo shoot, I want to show the day in the life of a ‘zombie’:  A real life Zombie (as defined), a person. I want to capture the subject at certain points in her mundane daily routine but show how she feels on the inside on the outside, through the medium of photography taking a particular interest in set dressing, costume, make up and location. I want my photographs to be really visually striking as to capture the attention of the viewer hopefully making them more intrigued to find out the message.

Visually I was inspired by the surreal work of my sister Sherilyn Anjelika Oliphant who is a special effects make up artist specialising in film, who often designs characters which are surreal and unworldly! 

Make up, Hair and Modelling by me ( for Spare Room Textiles and Crafts! 
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SO me and Natalie Pluck Photographer shot this BEAUTIFUL Swarovski Hyacinth necklace today for our personal project! I have only seen two pictures so far and here it is! Hope we get to where we want to be with this! Please let me know what you think! Also cant wait for the occasion when I can actually wear this necklace properly should be perfect! #swarovski #styling #nataliepluck #photography #makeup #ghostly #theghostbythetrees #theghostandthelake 

More to follow!

Two Face
Behind the scenes SHOT!! 
Employed by Reece Handley Photographer! 
Professional pics to follow! :D